“Diodo” is a portuguese word that stands for diode. A diode is a two-terminal electronic component with an asymmetric transfer characteristic. It has high (tending to infinite) resistance to the current flow in one direction, and low (tending to zero) resistance in the other. The most common type of diode today is the LED (light emitting diode).

DIODO.ORG is a project dedicated to collect data, info and knowledge on STS. STS stands for Science, Technology and Society and it’s a field of studies comprising research in the areas of Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, and other Social Sciences. First of all, we are interested in how people use technologies and the web.

Diodo 1.0.
Diodo started in Lisbon – back in 2008 – as a collective of electronics’ buffs, technologists, researchers and social scientists, artists, and designers interested in technology and hacking. Along with altlab, diodo was the first hackerspace/hacklab in portugal. Its’ activities were connected mainly with workshops on creative electronics. Diodo – as an organisation¬†- disbanded a couple of years later.

Diodo 2.0.
Nowadays, Diodo is a project dedicated to sts studies.